Field of application: The dairy, beverage and chemical industries.
Capacity: 20000 – 500000 Liters
Standard Design: Fabricated from polished stainless steel (AISI 304) and could have one or two shells.
The double shell type prepared for insulation with 100mm insulation material (eg. Glass wool).
Bottom insulated with 100mm insulated material either.
Cladding shell can be fabricated with stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized plate.
The tank has a conical top and a flat sloping bottom.
A control alcove connects the silo tank to the production hall.
The silo tank is provided with a heavy rust-proofed concretion for mounting on a flat concrete foundation.
Tank equipment consists of air vent, agitator, sample valve, dial thermometer, light fitting, ladder with suitable guard, cleaning turbine and etc.
20000-75000 Liters inlet/outlet 76 mm
75000-200000 Liters inlet/outlet 101 mm
200000-500000 Liters inlet/outlet to 4”