Process tank

Field of application: Temperature treatment of liquid in the dairy, food and chemical industries
Capacity: 200 – 60000 Liters
Standard Design: The tank made from stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316).
It is provided with a stainless steel heating/cooling jacket around shell and bottom for steam and forced circulation of water Max. Inlet pressure to jacket 4 bar. Shell and bottom are insulated with 50 mm mineral wool and covered by an outer shell of full-welded stainless steel.
The tank has 20˚ cone type top and bottom. It is equipped with centrally located flanged outlet and supported by stainless steel legs with adjustable ball type feet.
Interior finish:
Shell and bottom, polished grit 180. Top, 2B with welds ground smooth.
Extra finish:
Polished grit 180.
Furthermore, the tank is equipped with:
-Circular man way
-Capacity scale on inner tank wall
-Light fitting
-Tow cleaning ball
- Dial contact thermometer
-Foamless inlet
- stainless steel ladder
-Frame type agitator consisting of a vertical and tow inclined paddles rotating close to tank wall and bottom. The drive unit is placed on the tank top and is complete with electric motor and stainless steel motor casing. The shaft seal is of labyrinth type which also serves as vent. A programme unit starts and stops the agitator at intervals.
Optional Extras:
Air vent, manual or air operated outlet valve, connections for pH equipment, sample valve. Other options on request.
High-pressure design:
The tank can be equipped with special heating/cooling jacket, dimensioned for an inlet pressure of max. 6.0 bar.